Sophy Hyde Park - A Boutique Hotel. Distinctly Hyde Park

Thoughtful and Inspired at Sophy Hotel

Thoughtful and Inspired

Inquisitive and Connected at Sophy Hyde Park

Inquisitive and Connected

Cultured and Innovative at Sophy

Cultured and Innovative

Who is Sophy Hyde Park?

-sophy [so-phy]: knowledge : wisdom : study of many disciplines

Sophisticated and eclectic, the Sophy Hotel embodies the crafts and passions of art, science, literature, and music that are the inspiration of today’s Hyde Park.

Now open, the Sophy Hotel infuses the community’s academic and artistic contributions, allowing the curious visitor to delight in discoveries at every turn from arrival to departure.

We look forward to welcoming you to Sophy Hyde Park.

-inspired [in-spired]: of extraordinary quality, as if arising from some external creative impulse

[music] a soft color palette and sinuous forms incite community and warmth with lounge style seating and a double-sided fireplace in the lobby.

[mathematics] geometric motifs flourish in the bar where metal lattice and patterns of the wood floors echo the scientific discoveries of the past.

[literature] a full-service restaurant is composed of a contemporary library filled with rich wood and leather bound detailing.

-art [art]: works produced by human creative skill and imagination

At the turn of every corner is an eclectic collection of art that celebrates community and the artists and artisans that create it. Each piece is thoughtfully selected to inspire conversation, touch on the past, or incite something within you.

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