- sophy [so-phy]: knowledge: wisdom : study of many disciplines

Sophisticated and eclectic, the SOPHY® Hotel embodies the crafts and passions of art, science, literature, and music that are the inspiration of today's Hyde Park.

A new boutique hotel in Hyde Park, SOPHY® Hotel infuses the community's academic and artistic contributions, allowing the curious visitor to delight in discoveries at every turn from arrival to departure.

We look forward to welcoming you to SOPHY® Hyde Park.

- inspired [in-spired]: of extraordinary quality, as if arising from some external creative impulse

[music] a soft color palette and sinuous forms incite community and warmth with lounge style seating and double-sided fireplace in the lobby.

[mathematics] geometric motifs flourish in the bar where metal lattice and patterns of the wood floors echo the scientific discoveries of the past.

[literature] a full-service restaurant is composed of a contemporary library filled with rich wood and leather bound detailing

- the science of the amenities

24/7 fitness center

complimentary business center

valet parking & rates

complimentary shuttle service within Hyde Park, daily from 7AM - 7PM

room service

in-room mini-bar items available for purchase


outdoor dining/sanctuary