- sophy [so-phy]: knowledge: wisdom : study of many disciplines

Sophisticated and eclectic, the SOPHY® Hotel embodies the crafts and passions of art, science, literature, and music that are the inspiration of today's Hyde Park, Chicago luxury hotel.

A new boutique hotel in Hyde Park, SOPHY® Hotel infuses the community's academic and artistic contributions, allowing the curious visitor to delight in discoveries at every turn from arrival to departure.

We look forward to welcoming you to SOPHY® Hyde Park.

- inspired [in-spired]: of extraordinary quality, as if arising from some external creative impulse

[music] a soft color palette and sinuous forms incite community and warmth with lounge style seating and double-sided fireplace in the lobby.

[mathematics] geometric motifs flourish in the bar where metal lattice and patterns of the wood floors echo the scientific discoveries of the past.

[literature] a full-service restaurant is composed of a contemporary library filled with rich wood and leather bound detailing

- the science of the amenities in our Chicago luxury hotel

  • 24/7 fitness center
  • complimentary business center
  • off-site discounted self-parking available - $34 per night, per vehicle
  • room service
  • in-room mini-bar items available for purchase
  • DirecTV 
  • outdoor dining/sanctuary
  • dog-friendly, 50lbs and under

The minimum age required to check-in is 21 years of age.

SOPHY is a non-smoking hotel. A $200 fee will apply if smoking occurs in the guestrooms or suites.

Authorization: An authorization of $100 per day for standard rooms and $150 per day for suites will be applied to your card upon arrival for incidentals. Please note, if paying with a debit card, this hold can take 7-10 days from departure to be removed by your financial institution.

- sustainability [sus-tain-a-bil-i-ty]: avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance

SOPHY® Hyde Park delivers a unique hospitality experience to guests by connecting visitors to the surrounding community through a celebration of local art. With a Silver LEED certification SOPHY is designed to be a catalyst for system level change that reduces the hotel’s carbon footprint and spearheads positive impacts to the environmental and social landscape of the Hyde Park neighborhood.

- welcome [wel-come]: (of a guest or new arrival) gladly received

SOPHY® Hyde Park is committed to the LGBTQ+ community. The inclusive pillars of hospitality ensure that each of our guests, staff, partners and colleagues are always welcome in our space. These tenets extend, without exception, to the LGBTQ+ community. SOPHY’s location in a neighborhood as richly diverse as Hyde Park allows us to open our doors and celebrate guests from all walks of life every day of the year.